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In the Province of Grosetto, central Italy, discover the beautiful village of Pari, the rich and breathtaking lansdcape with infinite shades of green. Whether you enjoy a walk, a hike, or simply the view from the garden.

Tuscan Countryside
Vacances La Petite Foucaudiere
Vacances La Petite Foucaudiere

Have a stroll in the fresh water, read a book or meditate and enjoy a serene atmosphere in or near the Costamara swimming-pool.

Swim naked in Nature
Enjoy the jacuzzis

Why not simply relaxing in our outside jacuzzis? While you'll enjoy the beneficial and therapeutic baths, don't forget to peruse the magnificent surroundings, and listen to the birds singing.

Vacances La Petite Foucaudiere
Play Zennis

Have you ever play Zennis in the middle of pristine forest? Here in Costamara you can experience your favourite sport, your skin merging with Nature.

Vacances La Petite Foucaudiere
Explore our retreats

At Costamara, we organise different retreats, seminars, or healings sessions so you can discover what make your soul dances, your mind expands and your body vibrates. 

Vacances La Petite Foucaudiere
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